Hand spun 50g Heatherlea Black Cheviot skein


Rare 100% Heatherlea Black Cheviot 100g skein.

Rustic undyed natural soft and warm wool for a special garment.

Sheep born, bred, raised and sheared on our Croft in the Scottish Highlands.



Contains Lanolin

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3 reviews for Hand spun 50g Heatherlea Black Cheviot skein

  1. Debbie Thornton

    Beautiful wool to work with! I made my husband a hat with this. He normally dislikes wearing wool as he finds it ‘itchy’. However, this is so soft, he has no problem and loves his hat! Now the whole family want them—including me—so, back to my knitting!

  2. Kerry Maclennan

    I knitted a hat with this wool last winter and it was lovely wool to work with. I have bought some more and I am going to make some winter socks. Also looking forward to trying some of the dk wool as that is my favourite to work with.

  3. Jenny MacHarg

    So soft, tactile and gorgeous this chocolate-coloured yarn makes my mouth water!!!!!! Yummy

    • Sabrina

      Thank you- your skein is hand spun from a lady sheep called Harriet.

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