Hand spun 100g Heatherlea Black Cheviot Skein


Rare 100% Heatherlea Black Cheviot 50g skein.

Rustic undyed natural soft and warm wool for a special garment.

Sheep born, bred, raised and sheared on our Croft in the Scottish Highlands.



Contains Lanolin



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2 reviews for Hand spun 100g Heatherlea Black Cheviot Skein

  1. Anita

    Knitting is my passion, but I always use cotton wool or Merino sheep wool, so I was sceptical at first. Knowing how the wool is produced from A to Z persuaded me into giving a Cheviot wool a try – and I‘m very happy about that. It feels comfy and cozy, a tad warmer I have the impression too.
    So, I can only give warmest recommendation from my side,

  2. Jayne Dawson

    I bought this wool for weaving and decided it was just right for a cushion. It was lovely and strong for the warp and was wonderful to weave with. The wool has a rustic appearance which has given my pillow a fabulous texture. I’m really pleased with it. It really has the wow factor
    I would definitely recommend this wool to anyone who wants to produce a unique a classy item.

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